Machine-Buildings and Hydraulicus

Machine-Buildings and Hydraulics

In this overview we listed all manufacturers which we represent:

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Hydraulic components

Hydraulic systems


Edge processing
Pipe closing and pulling in
Rim and wheel dish press rollers
Flow forming and stretching

Hydraulic Cylinders
Hydraulic System
Hydrostatic Steering Valve

Central lubrication
Oil-circuit lubrication
Minimum quantity lubrication
Chain lubrication
Minimum quantity dispensing system
Progressive equipment
Single line systems
Multi line systems
Hydrostatic lubrication

Cardan shafts
Cross cardan shafts, cardan shafts for industrial applications

Extraction systems for emulsion and oil mist
Air-purifying equipment
electrostatic oil mist collector
oil mist separator

Hydraulic motors
Pneumatic motors
Pneumatic starters
Power units

Rotary Actuators
Rotary Lift Combinations
Hydraulic Construction Attachements
Power Pack
Tilt Rotator
Hydraulic Cylinder

Measuring transducer
Measuring instruments: difference pressure, volume flow, temperature, rotational speed and others
Maintenance of measuring instruments and sensors
DKD calibration body
Factory calibration
Minimess test points

High Pressure Pumps
Hydraulic Units
Air Amplifiers
Air Amplifiers Station
Gas Boosters
Gas Booster Station
Valves, Fittings & Tubings
Gas Assisted Systems
Test Benches

Oil cooling
Emulsion cooling
Oil – air cooling
Process engineering

Centrifugal pumps
Multi-Section pumps
Screw pumps
Explosion-protected centrifugal pumps
Immersion pumps

Flow Dividers
Volume Synchronizers
Planetary gear reducers

Precision mechanical inspection equipment

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