Pulp and paper industry

Pulp and paper industry

In this overview we listed all manufacturers which we represent.

Unsere Partner

Drive calculation and design

Engineering and delivery of all mechanical drive components

Slip-on gear for the drying section

Synchronous machines as direct drive with temperature control system

Central oil lubrication systems with automatic flow controllers

Paper machines


Reel transport systems

Rolls of various materials (steel, aluminium, CFK, GFK etc.)
Corrugated rolls, Modules, Spares parts,
Complete machines (e. g . Offset printing machines, Peters Multi Star)

Doctor systems
Doctor blades

Rolls and roll systems

Dewatering elements
Rodbeds – Rods
Suction roll sealings
Tubes for suction rolls
Headbox lamellas

Functional rolls
Suction rolls
Shells for suction rolls
Press rolls
Roll service

Trim nozzles

Thermal coating of rolls for paper industry
Anti stick coatings

Spare parts for steam-heads

Spreader rolls

Papiermachine Hood and Ventilation
Drying systems
Steam & condensate systems

Rubber- Polyurethane- Composite roll covers

Expansion shafts
Winding shafts

Showers and Oscillators

Machine knives
Log saws

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